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Education Law

At The Pecchio Law Firm, we represent students and their parents in disputes with their school districts. We represent and advise parents regarding aspects of obtaining a free appropriate public education for their children; special education disputes, including the TEAM meeting process and IEP development; and suspension or expulsion hearings. We also ensure that older students have equal access to education. Trade schools, colleges, universities, and graduate schools cannot discriminate against students based on their disability, gender, or race.

Our firm also represents individuals injured at school or during school activities. This includes harassment, bullying, or civil rights discrimination. Contact our office today to discuss any of the following:

Education Claims

      • Educational Sexual Harassment or Discrimination/Title IX
      • Special Education Disputes
      • IEP Development
      • 504 Accommodations
      • Suspension and Expulsion Hearings
      • Personal Injury/Accident Claims
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